Nusantara Online Use Open Source Engine "It's not easy to make a MMORPG game."

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Nusantara Online Use Open Source Engine "It's not easy to make a MMORPG game." Empty Nusantara Online Use Open Source Engine "It's not easy to make a MMORPG game."

Post  Princess_Louis on Mon May 09, 2011 3:27 pm

Nusantara Online Use Open Source Engine "It's not easy to make a MMORPG game." 110591_ilustrasi-game-nusantara-online_300_225

VIVAnews - online game set in the royal history of the archipelago, Online Nusantara was built on a software engine based on open source by some local developers.

According to Creative Director Victor Junaidy Online Archipelago, Archipelago Online using engine called Another Game Engine Library or abbreviated ANGEL. "We started building ANGEL since 2006. At that time we expanded it with my friends in Sangkuriang Studio Bandung," said Victor to VIVAnews, Monday, May 9, 2011.

ANGEL, said Victor, made with open source engines, including three-dimensional graphics engine (3D), OGRE, and OpenAL audio engine (Open Audio Library).

With this engine, the game Nusantara Online is claimed to be the first MMORPG game with 100 percent local content, which has the ability equivalent to those games Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing (MMORPG), a world-class gaming.

Director of Nusantara Online Heru Nugroho Letting, when World of Warcraft is 'Mercedez' its MMORPG, while Nusantara Online is like' Deer Innova' its MMORPG. "It is claimed to meet the standards we have in a MMORPG game," he said.

In the development process, Heru acknowledge that Online Nusantara had experienced constraints. In 2009 and 2010, Nusantara Online is time to do trials to the public, and have failed because many found a bug (defect program.) At that time, the game they 'crash' when played by so many players, in the same time.

"We realize that creating a MMORPG is not an easy thing," he added. However, Heru promised, this time their games are much improved. He is optimistic that remain stable despite Nusantara Online is played by about 100 thousand users in the same time (concurrent users).

Nusantara Online is a game that took the background story of the history of the kingdoms of the archipelago. In a game that had won awards in INAICTA that players could play the character of a knight, receipts, or traders, at the time of the kingdom of Srivijaya, Majapahit, or Pajajaran.

Now, Nusantara Online is supported by approximately 45 people who deal with developers and gameplay engine. To deepen the story's history, Nusantara Online is supported by a team supported by the discourse of the archipelago.

To search for historical truth, he added, they often perform a search and research to various countries, for example to Tibet, or the relics of the kingdom of Champa in Vietnam.

That is, Heru said, backed by concern over the increasingly blurred national identity. One day, her son Heru test the knowledge of the historical figure named King Siliwangi. It turned out that her son knew Siliwangi only as a name of the street in Bandung.

"Not that we are fixated with the past. But, our history proves that our society never learn from history. With Online Nusantara, we want so we can learn from history," he added. (Eh)

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