Playboy is now refine the online game's most expensive with the cost of Rp18 billion

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Playboy is now refine the online game's most expensive with the cost of Rp18 billion

Post  Princess_Louis on Mon May 09, 2011 3:58 pm

Playboy plunge into Online Game

VIVAnews - Decision of the Supreme Court which sentenced inkracht Pemred Playboy Indonesia Erwin Arnada, 2 years in prison, can only invite controversy in Indonesia.

In the United States, Playboy spread its wings even further into the realm of gaming. As quoted from the site Techcrunch, by partnering with game developer Bigpoint Games, Playboy named its first online game gush Poisonville.

This game is a game massively multiplayer online (MMO), a kind of popular game Grand Theft Auto. In this 3D game the player faced with a situation where crime and corruption rampant.

Players must solve a series of missions to fight corruption, and rebuild their reputation. Of course, players will meet with a group of characters as beautiful sexy Playboy models, who competed fired on police or blow up a lot of things.

Step Playboy to jump into the game, apparently aiming to attract young people, particularly fans of online gaming.

Bigpoint, are developers who make games Battlestar Galactica, Bigpoint himself claimed that Poisonville is a browser-based games that they are expensive to make, namely with a budget exceeding U.S. $ 2 million or around Rp 18 billion.

No wonder when this game is not like other MMO games are usually broken. Bigpoint claims, this game can be played until by 4000 players online simultaneously. (np)

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