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Disney Will Social Game Site Acquisition Empty Disney Will Social Game Site Acquisition

Post  Princess_Louis on Mon May 09, 2011 4:03 pm

Disney Will Social Game Site Acquisition 82738_perayaan_tahun_baru_2010___mickey___minnie_mouse_di_disneyland_300_225

Disney became Hollywood's most aggressive players in the online gaming industry.

VIVAnews - Walt Disney has become Hollywood's most aggressive players in online business, with plans to acquire a gaming site Playdom.

As quoted from the site LATimes, Disney is targeting middle Playdom, which is a competitor of social gaming site Zynga, which is now being approached by Google.

According to sources who know the process of this acquisition, Disney and Playdom middle of discussing the acquisition, which ranges from U.S. $ 400 million to U.S. $ 750 million.

Acquisition playdom against Disney is believed to realize step strategy that commandeered Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger to keep on introducing the characters and the Disney-owned brands to the various media platforms.

Disney is likely to utilize the experience Playdom to develop games for social networks like Facebook or MySpace, according to various characters and brand owned by Disney, from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Iron Man, and so forth.

Not only that, even Disney can market a variety of original games Playdom property, such as Sorority Life, Social City, and Tiki Farm. A division of Disney, ESPN, has collaborated with Playdom developing online social games.

If this acquisition goes well, Disney will increasingly exist in the area of ​​casual games, which now has a wider demographic of players than the players such a special game console Xbox, and PlayStation.

Although the majority of casual game players do not generate revenue for games makers, but few players usually spend money in amounts no less, which is about U.S. $ 100 per month to buy virtual goods (virtual goods) for the games.

Recent research conducted by Screen Digest said that the players will spend more than $ 639 million (Rp 5, 7 trillion) for social games, in this year. (Hs)
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