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Source Companions Nestley:
Pieces of the agar with a savory taste very delicious milk mixed with sour mix fresh fruit. Kuah milk soft drinks makes this legit most enjoyed when hungry okay.

400 ml cooking water
200 ml Milkmaid Full Cream ®
1 packet gelatin powder putihPewarna green, red
100 ml Milkmaid Full Cream ®
100 ml cooking water
200 g canned fruit cocktail
1 tablespoon sweet basil seeds, soaked until fluffy
shaved ice

Dissolve Milkmaid milk with water. Mix with gelatin.
Cook on low heat while stirring, stirring until boiling.
For those into 2 parts. One part give red coloring to one part green dye.
Pour in baking pan and allow it to cool and freeze.
Cut into 1 cm dice. Set aside.
Dissolve Milkmaid milk and water.
Place the diced pieces of jelly Milkmaid in serving glasses. Add other ingredients.
Pour the milk solution Milkmaid.
Give shaved ice and serve immediately.
Calories: 178 Cal Protein: 3.77 g Fat: 4:03 g Carbohydrates: 32 grams Fiber: 0.4 grams

Tip: Fruit Cocktail can be replaced with other fruit such as kelengkeng, lychee or peach is cut into pieces.

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