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Best Time To Reveal Love Empty Best Time To Reveal Love

Post  Jennifer on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:28 pm

"moments of waking in the morning is the best time to berintim with a partner", said Elijah Karatsoreos ph D, neuroscientists from Rockefeller University.
The reason: when you wake up, levels of oxytocin (another name for the hormone of love) are in the highest level.In other words, the morning is the best time to glue the relationship with the people closest.
Make the most:
~ spoiled with the couple, making out, even having sex!
~ Calling a child who lives in another city.
~ Thanks to a friend or colleague.
If you wake up and feel the need more than just a hug, that's a good sign!
very likely your husband is in the same mood.British scientists say, on the morning of the hormone oxytocin is a man is at the highest level, then decreases with the passing days.
source; prevention

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