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Contains a collection of short stories that made ​​me imagine a scene by scene in an independent film short duration with black and white format.Opened with Dreamgirls, the fantasy of a man telling the women of his dreams that range from women who watched in a silent film a la the 1920's, until his own mother.Alphabed discuss the relationship of men and women depicted from A to Z.On The Etiquette Of Eye Contact During Oral Sex is a short reading literature is a very interesting and so my favorite stories in this book.The Audioguide bring readers navigate through the minds of their own with the opening sentence of 'allow us to welcome you to the Gallery of the Museum of Your Head'.Many other interesting short story is quite controversial in this book.Suitable to be used as a short reading while on vacation.
By:Toby Litt
EXHIBITIONISM Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT7rtKI1Nl9uqWySBKLd6VinyOBJSwTTYTspJ7K4A0euB7zSoix
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