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Before your child complain and blame you of a less smooth skin and less manicured hair,
you'll want to read some of these steps at a time to pamper you feeling confident since early childhood!

~ Play Hard, Clean Harder
Begin to familiarize your child wash your face twice daily with water and milk soap.
This step can prevent any future acne, especially the days of puberty.
If it appears blackheads, encourage the child to wipe his face with hot water on a regular basis with a few drops of lime.
In order for a child's skin stays soft and Supple, children get used to massage the skin with natural ingredients like flour mixed milk.

~ Hair Story
Washing hair with gentle shampoo and comb my hair regularly is good for blood flow in the head.
Let more manicured again, get used to regularly trim the hair and give oil message.
When small, children's hair should not be left long because of easy maintenance.

~ Healthy Tiny Steps
Familiarize children wash their feet after using the shoe, because closed shoes or sandals can lead to excessive moisture and foot odor.
So, make sure the feet are always clean when wearing shoes.
Let untreated, put the lotion to her feet and legs of children.

source: biweekly magazine flower flower
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