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Post  dhiemazsabda on Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:37 am

On a night train which was passing the intersection collided with a car.
the guard rail latch brought to justice.
In court the firm on the stance bar keeper said he had warned the car by swinging his flashlight toward the car again and again for almost a minute.Even before he stands trial demonstrates how the flashlight is swinging his.Eventually he was released from punishment.His lawyer immediately praised him for his demonstration before the trial was to convince the judge that he had acted properly.
"Uiiihhh .... even though I was excited the hell out of time in court before,"said the guard bar.
"Why"? asked the lawyer "if only the judge asked whether the timing of my swing-swinging lamp, flashlight was still on or not ....! replied the guard bar is a bit shaky.

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