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Post  dhiemazsabda on Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:42 am

Tara Dupont like paris and autumn.
she thought she already had everything in life .....
until she met Tatsuya Fujisawa unpredictable and always aroused curiosity since the beginning.
Tatsuya Fujisawa hate paris and autumn.he came to Paris to find someone who has destroyed his life.But he did not expect was fascinated by Tara Dupont, a talkative girl but can soothe the soul and mind ..... also changed his world.Tara and Tatsuya are completely unaware of yarn that connects them with the past, the secrets that destroy all hopes, feelings, and beliefs.
When truth is revealed, also revealed the meaning of meaning ..... desperately helpless .....The fact is so painful to push one of them wanted to end her life ....

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