Google Google Prepare Games Investment in Zynga, Google plans to launch the Google Games this year.

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Google Google Prepare Games Investment in Zynga, Google plans to launch the Google Games this year.

Post  Princess_Louis on Mon May 09, 2011 4:16 pm

VIVAnews - Company Internet giant Google continues to expand the reach of its services.

This time, Google was rumored to center targeting the gaming world by making a large investment in the area of ​​online gaming.

According to several sources who confirmed by the technology blog TechCrunch, Google has invested money of U.S. $ 100 million-US $ 200 million (approximately Rp 900 billion to Rp 1.8 trillion) at the Zynga gaming network.

So important, investments were made ​​directly by Google, rather than through Google Ventures. Other strategic partnerships, are also ongoing.

According to the sources said, it will be a stepping stone to launch Google Google Games online gaming service that issue, will be launched this year.

Google Games will not only be strengthened by Zynga's games. It is estimated that, Google will make Google Checkout as online payment service main.

The reason for this Zynga is indeed a close partner PayPal, Google Checkout toughest competitor. The popularity of these games Zynga itself started sticking through its emergence in the social network Facebook.

Later up revoke the notification request game to Facebook users, so the number of players was reduced Zynga games.

However, later Zynga actually managed to hook the new partners besides up. Prior to Google, Zynga managed to gush cooperation with MSN Games and Yahoo.

Zynga games as well as update it will be accessible through various Yahoo properties, like Yahoo Games portal, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger.

This feature is new for Yahoo will work with the United States. However, even then the service will catch up to other countries. (np)

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