After 3 Months, 3 Planet will be obvious from Earth

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After 3 Months, 3 Planet will be obvious from Earth  Empty After 3 Months, 3 Planet will be obvious from Earth

Post  Princess_Louis on Mon May 09, 2011 3:35 pm

WASHINGTON () - The month of August is the time for astronomical observers, especially those devoted to observing celestial bodies around the Earth.

The reason, in this month a lot of scenery space that can be enjoyed and studied.

In the coming days, the three brightest planets in the Milky Way will be 'dancing' and can be seen directly from Earth.

Planet Venus, Mars, and Saturn can be seen as they approached each other.

As reported page, on the night of 7 and 8 August when the U.S., three planets would only be five degrees apart from each other and can be seen in the western sky after dusk.

The best views of the trio this planet can only be seen 60 to 90 minutes after sunset before they will become submerged and no longer in the upper horizon.

Together they will form a triangle formation. For amateur observers, the following trick to identify each planet.

Venus is the planet's largest and most brighter than Mars and Saturn. The planet Saturn will be right next to Venus, with a yellowish color. Then, Planet Mars will be above the planet, emitting the redness.

Months will enliven the scenery of this universe on August 12 evening until late August 13.

At that time, in the form of crescent Moon will be on the left side of Venus with Mars and Saturn above them on the underside. And do not forget that Mercury will stay below the earlier set of celestial bodies. All will gather at the western horizon.

The first two weeks of August to be a good time to see Mercury, the planet is relatively unexplored. On August 12, Months later looks much thinner, will be on top of Mercury.

Finally, on 27 August, the month in the form of nearly full moon will be located in that of Jupiter, king of the planets. At that time, look into the eastern sky began at 9 pm.


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